Crocs is an amazing shoe option for house cleaners to save a ton of money and use their Savvy Perks for themselves and their families! They have a ton of different shoes that you can use for work, housework, and even for the kids! And they are improving on their already affordable prices by partnering with Savvy Perks.  
Crocs Little Boy in Crocs

Crocs are Comfortable and Easy to Clean

When you think of shoes to wear for house cleaning, you want a few different things. You want to be comfortable, because you spend a lot of time on your feet as a cleaner, and you want them to be easy to clean, for obvious reasons. 

Crocs give you the best of both worlds, with simple shoes that are both super comfortable and easy to clean. They are perfect for working in the warmer months, but also can be great for walking around the house, or doing yard work. 

Not to mention, kids love the bright colors that they come in, and parents love how easy it is to keep them clean! The rubber material that their clogs are made with makes it easy to wash off with just water! So, your kids can keep playing outside all day, and you can keep cleaning at work without having to worry about ruined shoes.

Save a Ton of Money on Shoes for Work or Play With Savvy Perks

Crocs are known throughout the world as the bright and colorful clogs that are instantly recognizable. But they are so much more than that. They have shoes for work, sandals, flip flops, sneakers, boots, and even masks! 

Crocs are also known for being affordable footwear, which has never changed. However, they are partnering with Savvy Perks so that you can save even more on footwear for the whole family, or just for work! 

Either way you can count on saving a ton of money, being comfortable, and never having ruined work shoes again!

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