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Create Your Own Discounts with Savvy Perks

Create your own discounts with Savvy Perks. You don’t have to wait for a sale or clip coupons. Savvy Perks group discounts are part of your employee benefits program. And if they don’t have what you need, create your own discounts.

Create your own discounts to motivate your employees or create loyalty rewards.  And use your employee perks discounts to buy business supplies, equipment or take your employees to lunch.

Take advantage of the Savvy Perks employee benefits for small business. You work hard and you deserve a break.

Anyone can join, everyone can save.

Every small business has their own expenses. These are recurring expenses on a regular, everyday basis.

It could be things that you need for your home office. And it could be things that you need for your clients.

Your expenses can also be things you need for your employees. It can be including activities, restaurants, and services you outsource.

It’s a wide variety of things that you need for your small business.

Don’t Wait for a Sale – Create Your Own Discounts

Coupons - Create Your Own DiscountsDon’t wait for those services to come on sale. And don’t waste your time looking for a coupon that matches your needs. Now you can request your own discounts on Savvy Perks. Let’s show you how to do that.

If your login to your account, the list of deals and discounts available to you will be over here under the categories section on the left.

Then if you want something specific, you can come up here and click on the magnifying glass.

Search for and Create Your Own Discounts

Big Hot Summer Sale - Create Your Own DiscountsWhen you get to the magnifying glass, search for the item or store you are looking for.

For this example, we will use office supplies. So, I will type in Staples, which is an office supply store near my house. It says, “Sorry, there were no results found.”

I would like to request that retailer so that I can get discounts now from Savvy Perks from now on.

I’m going to type in Staples and then I’m going to jump over to Staples’ website.

You Need The Company Address to Create Your Own Discounts

Create Your Own Discounts - Recommend a RetailerI’m going to pull up the information I need to finish filling out that form.

Now up in the corner of the company’s website, there are usually store locations. The store location will be whatever is closest to you. In this particular instance, this one on Providence Road is closest to me.

I’m going to copy this information and go back to the form so that I can paste this in. I need their phone number. That’s going to be helpful to me as well.

Now that we’ve included the company information to send to the sales team, a short note about why you like shopping here will help them close the deal.

That it. It’s Never Been Easier to Create Your Own Discounts

Create Your Own Discounts - Easy ButtonThe sales team behind Savvy Perks will go to task inviting and closing the companies you request – for ongoing discounts and savings to you.

This makes doing business so much more affordable. All the money you save is money you can reinvest.

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