Couponz Direct

Couponz Direct is the best way to connect and keep track of all your pharmacy and grocery savings and save even more with Savvy Perks!

They keep all of your coupons, discounts, and other sales connected and in one easy-to-find spot so that you can maximize your savings on groceries, medicine, and more! Having store loyalty cards is great, but keeping track of all the cards and which number goes to which is a hassle. Luckily they have taken that away and connected all of your cards under an umbrella of savings!

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Easily Keep Track of Your Store Loyalty Cards With Couponz Direct

Everyone loves a great deal, and when you shop at a store enough, it’s a good idea to get a loyalty card. After all, most times it’s free and you get a ton of deals and savings just for signing up. However, one negative of having these loyalty cards is that it can be quite confusing. 

You might end up with a bunch of cards on your keychain, or you can do it digitally, where you end up with a bunch of apps and passwords to remember. This is where Couponz Direct comes in. They have created a way to organize all of your different loyalty cards in one place.

Not only that but when you shop and want to find your coupons, they make it super easy to find them so you’re not searching through emails or apps and wasting time.

Save Even More With Savvy Perks and Couponz Direct

Using Couponz Direct will save you a ton of time and a ton of money, on top of saving you the hassle of carrying a bunch of loyalty cards. Now you can link them and keep everything in one place. 

However, Couponz Direct doesn’t stop there, they have also partnered with Savvy Perks so you can not only save money with coupons for grocery stores and pharmacies but you can also save on their service as well! Now you can easily organize all of your loyalty cards and coupons while saving even more with Savvy Perks!