Clean Supply

Clean Supply is a hand soap and hand sanitizer brand that house cleaners can save on with their Savvy Perks membership!

Sanitization has never been more important than it is now, and now you can find the best products to keep you, your family, and your business sanitized! At Clean Supply, they have everything you need to stay healthy and keep yourself clean!

Clean Supply Social Distancing

COVID-19 Has Made Sanitization Super Important for Everyone

Sanitization is always important, but with the pandemic and quarantine happening to everyone all at once, it made the need to be sanitized that much clearer. House cleaners know how important being sanitized is, but the whole world knows it now.

Finding the right products to get sanitized is very important. Whether it’s cleaning products to sanitize the items you touch or hand sanitizer to use after going out in public, you can find the best products to keep yourself and your family sanitized in this time when it is super important.

Clean Supply knows how important our hands are, and how they can also be carriers of diseases, like the COVID-19 virus. So, you have to protect your hands from the harmful germs!

Save on Sanitizing Products With Your Savvy Perks

Now that hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes and other products are basically necessities, it can get quite expensive for you to replace those items all the time. Especially as a house cleaner, when your business relies even more on you staying sanitary.

So, how do you get all the supplies you need without breaking the bank? Well, you go shop at Clean Supply! They have everything you need, and you can save a ton of money too because of their partnership with Savvy Perks! In a time when sanitization has become abundantly more important, find everything you need to stay ahead of the germs at Clean Supply!