Birdies is a women’s shoe brand that provides flats and sandals for the professional woman, and now you can save when you shop with your Savvy Perks! Every business owner needs some professional shoes, whether to wear to conventions or to client appointments or marketing deals. But that doesn’t mean that house cleaners can’t also buy birdies.
Birdies, Women Out to Dinner

House Cleaners Can Use a Nice Pair of Shoes 

A lot of times it’s easy to get sucked into work, and having a great pair of work shoes is very important. But it’s always great to have a pair of nice shoes. You’re going to need to interview sometimes, and everyone needs a nice night out sometimes. 

Whenever you want to go out on the town, whether that be with friends or with family, you can make sure that you’re ready to have some fun in comfortable and good looking shoes. 

But the more important part of it is if you have your own cleaning business. If you’re the business owner, then you’re going to have a ton of opportunities to wear your nice shoes. You can wear them to conventions, to marketing and client meetings, and even just around the office every day. Birdies are made for the professional woman, so they’re perfect for any business owner.

Birdies, Woman at Home in Slippers

Birdies Has a Ton of Options for Women to Choose From

At Birdies, they know every woman has their own style, so you want to have shoes that match that style. So, they offer tons of different varieties of their flats, which are advertised as stylish flats that are secretly slippers in disguise. 

But, they also have slides for you to wear around the house. However, you can stay comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re just around the house, or around the office, you can make sure your feet are comfortable and stylish.

They have tons of variety too, in style and color, you can find the shoes that are perfect for you!

Save Money on Shoes for Work and Home With Savvy Perks

Birdies are a great option for style and comfort, but they’re always focusing on becoming more affordable. This is why they partnered with your Savvy Perks to save you money on every pair of shoes that you want. 

Plus, the deal is reusable, so you can save tons of money, whether you’re just a cleaner or if you’re the boss, you can save tons of money on stylish flats at Birdies!

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