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Target, Featured Image


Target is a big-box retailer that focuses on quality and affordability. Plus, now you can save even more money when you shop online with your Savvy Perks!

T-Mobile, Featured Image


T-Mobile is a wireless carrier that offers super-fast speeds all over the U.S. And now with Savvy Perks, you can save tons of money when you get a new line!

Ford, Featured Image


Ford is an American automotive maker that has been making high-quality cars since 1903. Now you can get discounts on Ford vehicles with your Savvy Perks!

Costco, Storefront


Costco is a worldwide wholesaler that you need a membership to shop at. And with your Savvy Perks, you get a gift card with money to spend when you join.

Real Underwear, Featured Image

Real Underwear

Real Underwear is an apparel brand that also offers personal protective equipment (PPE). Now you can use your Savvy Perks to save on any order, whether it’s their comfy undergarments or PPE for your house cleaning!

Kohl's, Featured Image


Kohl’s is an apparel and home goods store that offers deep discounts on tons of your favorite brands! And even better is you can use your Savvy Perks to get 15% off when you order $100 or more on