AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres is a movie theatre chain where you can now use your Savvy Perks to save a ton of money on a movie night out! Movies have always brought people together, and they still are even in these unprecedented times. And now as theatres begin to open back up around the country, you can save with your Savvy Perks!  
AMC Theatres, Family at Movies

Movie Theatres are Fun for the Whole Family

You’ve been working hard all week and now it’s time to take to take a break and take the family out to the movies. Now you can save big money at the same time with your Savvy Perks.

And of course, AMC Theatres that are reopening are following the social distancing guidelines in their state, so you can go without worry and just have fun.

AMC Theatres, People at Movies

Watching Movies Can Be Good for Mental Health

A lot of times, house cleaners will get burnt out. This is because the work all day, and then have to clean their own homes. Or they have other errands and all of these things. 

Sometimes, they need an escape, a way to get away from real life. Movies are a great way to do this. You go to the theatre, get snacks, and get away from the real world for a couple of hours. 

This can be great for your mental health, and to make sure that you don’t get burnt out while you work long weeks cleaning.

Save Money on Movie Tickets With Savvy Perks

In this time that we haven’t been able to go to the movies, you may have forgotten how expensive it can be, especially if you’re bringing your whole family. But, your wallet doesn’t have to worry when you order your tickets at home through your Savvy Perks! 

So, you can have a fun night out, and a mental break, all while saving money with AMC Theatres and Savvy Perks!

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