AC Lens

AC Lens is a company that sells contact lenses and reading glasses at affordable prices, and now you can save even more money when you use your Savvy Perks! Whoo Hoo! Instead of paying full price for eyewear at a doctor’s office, AC Lens offers premium brands at up to 70% off!
AC Lens, Blurred Vision

House Cleaners Might Need Contacts to Clean

A lot of house cleaners need to wear glasses to see, but you don’t want to risk them falling off while you clean. Wear contacts instead.

Your vision as a house cleaner is very important. In a client’s home, missing a dust spot or not picking up a toy because you didn’t see it can be terrible for your ratings and reviews.

Because of this, you need to make sure you have the best eye wear possible.

AC Lens will allow you to see crystal clear to keep you cleaning and keep your reviews positive, all for a low price!

AC Lens, Putting Contacts in

You Can Use This Deal for Everyone in Your Family

A lot of times, bad vision isn’t limited to just one person in your family. So, if your spouse and your children also need glasses, it can get really expensive. 

But, with your Savvy Perks, you can not only save 15% on contacts for yourself at AC Lens but for your whole family because the deal is reusable!

Not to mention this is already on top of the 70% discount from doctor prescriptions that AC Lens already offers.

AC Lens, Cleaning Employees

Business Owners Can Give Discounts to Their Employees for Contacts

Get Savvy Perks for your family members or employees. Give the gift of eye sight to those you love at an affordable price.

Better work performance comes from being able to see clearly.

Use Your Savvy Perks to Save on Contacts!

With your Savvy Perks membership, you can save 15% on your order of AC Lens contacts. 

Whenever you need them, you can have a shipment come to your door of contacts to keep you seeing clearly during your daily routine.

Paired together, AC Lens and Savvy Perks are built to save you tons of money!!!